2018 was a year that we saw the amount of food wastage in Singapore increase by a whopping 40% in the last decade. If that ain’t enough, the wastage is set to increase further with Singapore’s growing population and economic activity.


Enter Crust Brewing.


Established in 2019, Crust Brewing is a company that strives to increase sustainability in the beer industry by converting surplus bread into beer. Yes, you read that right. Through this model, we have taken it as our responsibility to reduce the amount of wastage the industry contributes to the nation – and what better way to do so by building a concept around a beverage we all love to partake in?

 We love beer, but we love the environment. It is our love for both of them that’s really all there is to inspire the idea behind Crust Brewing. But you can’t enjoy one without putting the other at stake. We saw an opportunity when we realise the amount of bread that gets unsold and unused in restaurants, bars, bakeries and cafes. This was enough to persuade us to give them a new lease of life and get ‘reincarnated’ into pretty darn good craft beer! 

Support Crust, increase Sustainability!

In the beer industry, nothing is more ecological than saving surplus bread from being thrown into landfills, and converting them into refreshingly awesome beer! Inspired by traditional beer brewing methods from bread, Crust beer is an artisanal alcoholic beverage made from surplus bread collected from F&B benefactors. Kilos and kilos of bread are compounded into a refined process, replacing some of the conventional ingredients used in traditional beer. This method helps to contribute to a reduction of food wastage at the end of the day!

The Signature Crust Bread Ale

Our signature Crust Bread Ale boasts a refined home-brewed recipe infused with traditional brewing methods. It is specially brewed in Singapore where beer is a go-to beverage revealed by millions of people after a tiring day. Be warned though, this sweet, velvety ale leaves a refreshing, lip-smacking, toasted aftertaste that leaves you wanting more.

Crust Brewing is a registered company in Singapore with UEN No.: 201912235H.